Okay, I knew I’d get your attention with that heading.   I’ve been watching the ABC series called BETRAYAL.  Betrayal It’s one of the many captivating series on TV right now.  So you might be asking why am I writing about that….

One of my favorite spiritual & inspirational speakers – Bishop TD Jakes – said this profound statement during a Life Class with Oprah back in September:

” My question in my heart is why are we so committed to that that is synthetic and disengaged so quickly from that that is organic.”

When I heard him say that, I realized how easy it is for many of us to get caught up in the temptations of life and not be committed to the integrity and dignity of our character.  I believe relationships require an on going effort and are a testimony to who we are.  The TV series highlights the marital relationships being challenged, but the Bishop’s words apply to any relationship we have.  The question to ask ourselves is are we being the best parent, spouse, friend, daughter…that we could be.  And when faced with temptations to be less than the best that you could be, ask yourself…

What is the emotional price I am going to pay?

I would love to hear other perspectives on this and how you stay committed to the person you want to be.

Wishing all my readers positive energy,






Antonette Taylor

Antonette Taylor

My name is Antonette Taylor, and I'm a Life Coach, Speaker, and Author living and working in Chicagoland. I specialize in empowering women who want to live their full potential and are ready for change or greater accomplishment in their lives. I'd like to learn more about how I can help you! I invite you to fill out my contact form today!
Antonette Taylor

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  1. Tracy Brown says:

    That blog post title indeed caught my eye, Antonette!

    You’re right too. It’s not just spousal relationships that need honesty and commitment – it’s the others you’ve listed and even more (colleagues, customers/clients, partners, neighbors, constituents, etc.). And, I think the reason why so many stumble and falter (or completely fail altogether), is that it IS hard work to be our best.

    Simple, yes, but not always easy. :)

    I believe that if we keep working towards that “person we want to be,” that through practice, we’ll eventually live ourselves into that role. In the meantime, it’s about doing our best, living honestly, and surrounding ourselves with the “right” people too.

    • Antonette Taylor says:

      Thanks Tracy! I appreciate what you’ve added. And yes, practice is what helps us master whatever it is that we desire.