Need more motivation?

Do you want to ignite, sustain or magnify your motivation?

Some people are self-motivated and others require help getting motivated. Regardless which of the two you identify with, I think it is fair to say that at some point in time everyone loses their motivation and needs help. As self-motivated as I am, I know I do.

Two influencing factors, in getting motivated, staying motivated or dialing your motivation level up a notch, are your environments and your level of happiness.

Do you know what the 9 Environments of YOU are?


Some of these I never thought of as an environment. To me, I always equated my environment with my physical surroundings. Once I realized all of these other environments existed, I was able to understand why my levels of energy fluctuated just as my motivation did.

So, an ongoing tool you can use to influence your motivation is to routinely SCAN Your 9 Environments to ensure they are fueling and empowering as opposed to draining and disempowering you.

Coaching can motivate you to success

During one of my recent talks, I asked the group some of the following questions to help stimulate their thoughts as they scanned their environments…

Do you, more often than not, give yourself permission to make yourself a priority?

Does your kitchen support healthy eating habits?

Do you have debt weighing you down OR do you have a plan for growing your financial wealth lifting you up?

Do you practice a daily meditation that promotes beginning your day in a positive state?

Everything around us can give and take energy. When you have more of it, you will find the motivation within.

Another influence that affects our levels of motivation is how HAPPY we are. I know when I’m happy it is easy for me to sustain being self motivated and staying committed to the things I want. Studies have shown that happiness is derived from 3 things: DNA, Circumstances, and Choice. Did you know there are habits you can acquire to help you become a happier person?

Here are a few…

  • Inspire, Motivate or Educate yourself in the morning
  • Validate others
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Start a Mastermind group

My hope is that something I’ve shared will inspire you to get or stay motivated about something meaningful to you.


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