What are you desiring to accomplish?
Commit to yourself...
Anything is possible!

The Redefined Business Plan Program

Identify your WHY!

According to a study done by the SBA (Small Business Administration), one of the seven pitfalls of business failure is due to a lack of planning.

A critical component of this program is to identify your WHY. Why do you do what you do? People will buy from you because they believe in what you believe.

The Redefined Business Plan is a refreshing and modernized approach to strategically planning your business’s future. The program consists of these 4 modules:

I. Establishing Your Foundation
II. Developing Your Personal Brand
III. Getting The Business
IV. Giving The Gifts Within

To learn more about The Redefined Business Plan, please send me a message through my contact form.

Making It Happen™ Program

Do you want to get out of debt and build financial security?

Do you want to make a career change and feel more fulfilled?

I’ve created a 5 step program that empowers you to make the desired changes and greater accomplishments you want happen.

  1. Gain clarity of what you want
  2. Overcome resistance keeping you from it
  3. Empower yourself through the 9 environments
  4. Create a strategic plan
  5. Celebrate your success

Achieving Success Through Personal Coaching

Individual Coaching

As a Life Coach, I help my clients articulate their dreams, desires and aspirations. With motivational support and by creating an effective MAP, they can begin their journey to an authentic and purposeful life.

Depending on the goal you desire to accomplish, let’s talk about which of the options is best suited to meet your needs.

  • 30 day coaching – Three 60 minute coaching sessions
  • 90 day coaching – Three 60 minute coaching sessions per month
  • 180 day coaching – Three 60 minute coaching sessions per month

Contact me to request a complimentary session!

I invite you to experience a 60 minute coaching session and gain a piece of insight, clarity and/or inspiration. To sign-up for your session, please fill out my contact form.