Want To Know the Secret To Work/Life Balance?

The secret is YOU must DEFINE that for yourself. Work/Life balance escapes many and consumes most of us. But, what most people don’t realize is that we have control over it already, and it’s up to us not to let someone else design our lives.

Ask yourself, how can I create balance between work and home?

What am I compromising without having balance?

What do I want more of in my life?

It can be more challenging for some depending on the profession you’re in. Nigel Marsh addressed this best when he said, “Certain job & career choices are fundamentally incompatible with being meaningfully engaged.” If that rings true with you, then you have to work even harder to design the life you want.

Being in real estate has challenged me through the years as it could can be a 7 day a week profession. You never know when you’re going to sell a property and can’t decline negotiating a deal because the time isn’t right for you. But what we can do regardless of what profession you’re in is to set BOUNDARIES.

For me, Work/Life balance means:

  • Setting self-respecting boundaries both professionally and personally. This doesn’t happen naturally for everyone, true. However, the more we practice putting kind, but firm, boundaries into place, the more easily we can honor them. It’s during this time we learn the true value and reward of saying “no.”
  • Being emotionally present in all aspects of life through conscious awareness. Author Andrew LaCivita shared on LinkedIn that he accomplishes so much because he has “nothing in his life that doesn’t mean the world to him.” Imagine the balance that would enter our lives if we sought to bring in only what matters most: family, service, meaningful work, the full development of ourselves, and the unique gifts we bring to the world.
    • How often do you check in with yourself to make sure you’re emotionally present when spending time with your loved ones? Do you consciously make an effort to acknowledge the things that your child hopes to be noticed for? Do you know what those things are?
  • Embracing the Power of Asking. It’s okay to let someone else share the load. Asking for help is a sign of understanding your current capabilities and restructuring to do an even better job. Allocating our time effectively may require a financial investment from time to time. So, whether you ask for help, or hire someone to alleviate you of a responsibility, the benefit extends way beyond you and to those who surround you both personally and professionally.

I can help you with creating a good work life balance!

As you move forward throughout your day, notice how you are spending your time, where your boundaries have weakened, and when you are feeling weighed down by a person, a responsibility, or a commitment. While you might not be able to stop and immediately make a change, record what is affecting your Work/Life balance in that moment, and when you can, return to it and begin to explore ways to make a change to reinforce that boundary.

I’d like to know what you think!

I’d like you to share with me in the comments below on how you bring yourself back into balance! Is Work/Life balance possible? And, how can we honor ourselves while meeting the responsibilities of this complex life in today’s world?

If you would like to reach out to me privately, I invite you to fill out my contact form here.

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Antonette Taylor

Antonette Taylor

My name is Antonette Taylor, and I'm a Life Coach, Speaker, and Author living and working in Chicagoland. I specialize in empowering women who want to live their full potential and are ready for change or greater accomplishment in their lives. I'd like to learn more about how I can help you! I invite you to fill out my contact form today!
Antonette Taylor

Currently there are "4 comments" on this Article:

  1. Andrew LaCivita says:

    Antonette, I absolutely loved your article. You raised some great pointers on a subject that virtually everyone I know struggles with. My favorite line in the article was related to self-respecting boundaries. Omigawd! I want to steal that!

    • Antonette says:

      Hi Andrew, thank you for sharing your thoughts and the positive words. I appreciate your post and the powerful message that you don’t have anything in your life that doesn’t mean the world to you. It’s a reminder to all of how precious our time is. Hope to be referring business to milewalk,Inc.. I’m also a realtor with Keller Williams right down the street on Busse in Park Ridge. What a small world :-).

  2. chiara says:

    Awesome post. Yes, I need to work on being present. My mind is always on the go. Thanks, Antonette. Stay well. Keep up the great work of empowerment!

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