What is your “Life Theme” for 2014?

If you could choose one, or more, word(s) to describe the kind of year you want 2014 to be for you or the person you want to be in 2014, what would it be?

Determined, Having Fun, Courageous, Find A Way, Outgoing & Outstanding, Graceful, Investing in Me….

Weddings, birthday parties and other festive events in our lives have themes…so why not set a life theme for the year? The benefit of doing so is that it is fun, enhances creativity and is empowering. Studies have shown greater success for individuals who set themes for themselves as opposed to New Year resolutions. Did you know that only 8% of people are successful in fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions? Resolutions are mostly centered around trying to fix what we think is wrong with ourselves or our lives. One of the reasons why target-based resolutions don’t work is because the focus is on the future rather than the present. As a result, you could be missing some of the “hidden” opportunties that are around you. And, it can be mentally and emotionally draining to constantly think about what you don’t have or don’t want…like the extra 10lbs you want to lose and so on.

For me, setting a life theme puts me in a frame of mind that is continually striving for that objective with encouraging energy. Last year, I told my daughter to set a theme for her 8th grade year so it would be one of the most memorable years of her life. Offering suggestions, I asked what she thought of ‘be Bold & Brave’. Lauryn is more reserved and quiet and sometimes misses out on opportunities. With having Bold & Brave as her theme, she left her comfort zone and performed in the school Talent show allowing everyone to witness her musical abilities. She boosted her confidence and most importantly made the most of her 8th grade year.img_0275_0072

Here is a thought….

Grace is an inner beauty which is essential for lasting happiness, success and prosperity.

Wishing you a joy-filled 2014!!

Antonette Taylor

Antonette Taylor

My name is Antonette Taylor, and I'm a Life Coach, Speaker, and Author living and working in Chicagoland. I specialize in empowering women who want to live their full potential and are ready for change or greater accomplishment in their lives. I'd like to learn more about how I can help you! I invite you to fill out my contact form today!
Antonette Taylor

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