What Discipline & Great Coaching Can Get You…

A Touchdown!

Brandon got his first touchdown during Sunday’s game against the Park Ridge Falcons.  I couldn’t be more proud of my son.  It’s not about the touchdown, but the lesson he chose to learn for himself.

Right before the season began, Brandon needed to lose about 7lbs in order to play with his team from the prior season.  I told Brandon he had to DECIDE whether or not he wanted to make that happen.  It was an easy decision for him because he wanted to play with the same team members and wanted to be coached by the same coach.  So then we talked about what he needed to do to make that happen.  As a Life Coach, my kids hear me preach this stuff all the time.  I think this time Brandon really heard what I had to say.

Brandon not only decided that he wanted to play with the JP Warriors again but that he wanted to carry the ball.  I told Brandon that Discipline is a gift he can give himself to make that happen.  It was a struggle at first, but when he learned to envision the end result it became easier.  He started making healthier food choices and habits on his own.  Pretty amazing for a ten year old!  When the season began, he made weight and got the opportunity to play a full back position.  Everything he worked for and the sacrifices he chose to make all paid off.

img_0337_0011Here is a picture of Brandon when  he was chosen to be one of the Captains at a game.

Since my last post was about gratitude, I want to acknowledge Brandon’s Coach, Steve, for his excellent style and admirable commitment to these kids.

People who succeed focus on the end result not what they have to go through. It begins with a Decision and then depends upon the Choices we make.

Can’t wait until #35, Brandon Taylor, is in the NFL.

Dream as big as you can!!

Antonette Taylor

Antonette Taylor

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Antonette Taylor

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  1. Bonnie Arnold says:

    Great accomplishment, Brandon! I kind of dig coach Steve, too :)!

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